Hi, my name is Jennifer Hill.  I am the youngest of six girls, yes you read that right – six girls.  Anyone from a large family knows that each one has their “thing” that defines them in a family unit.  In our line-up we have; the hopeful one, the headstrong one, the dependable one, the theatrical one, the one that’s an angel and then me, the crafty one.

I started this blog to share paper and card projects that may inspire other crafters.  I love to gather inspiration online and I know that others do too.  By sharing my projects here, I can also give credit to those that have inspired me.

Last, but not least, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t acknowledge that one of my main purposes of this blog is to be consistent.  Consistent at crafting, consistent at photography and editing, and consistent at this blogging gig.  I like to try things out.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don’t.

I have been playing with paper and ink for years.  My card crafting has been a fun hobby now for a solid three years.  It has even become a tiny little side business.  Who knows what that will turn into…For now, I hope that if you found your way to my blog that you were inspired, in some way.  If you like what you see and read, drop me a note to say “Hi”.


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